Anadolu University

About the organization

Anadolu University is a state institution dedicated to providing quality education to all and targeted to be a global higher education institution in lifelong learning. It is a dual mode HE institution. In other words, Anadolu offers on-campus learning opportunities as well as distance learning. Currently, it offers on-campus education to approximately 24000 students in 14 schools and colleges, and nearly 1 million distance students in its 72 distance education programs. Anadolu is considered as a mega university of the world due to its massive number of distance students located not only in Turkiye but also all-around Europe, West Asia (Turkic Republics), Middle East, North America, and Africa. The university has many facilities to design, produce and distribute educational resources, such as printing house, studios for broadcast or recorded videos, radio station, etc. Along with formal degree programs, Anadolu also offers several informal or non-formal learning opportunities to all who would like to learn. For instance, AKADEMA is a MOOCs platform created as a social responsibility project of Anadolu where anyone can offer massive open online courses. Currently the platform presents 135 courses.

Contact Person

Cengiz Hakan AYDIN

Head of Distance Education Department