University of Shkodra

About university

The University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”, is a public institution of higher education in the Republic of Albania. It was established as a Higher Pedagogical Institute on September 2nd, 1957, in Shkodra. Since then, the University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”, as an educational, scientific, and cultural institution has made significant changes in its structure, content, organization, on didactic and scientific level. Nowadays, it represents an integrated structure consisting of 6 faculties, 23 departments, 2 research-scientific centres, and auxiliary units. The governing bodies are the Senate, the Rector, the Rectorate, the Board of Administration, and the Administrator.

The University of Shkodra provides basic knowledge with general scientific methods and principles and specific skills in a certain variety of professions and specialties, according to the fields it covers to meet the standards and guarantee the educational and scientific development in the three study cycles it offers. Currently, the University of Shkodra offers 70 study programs: 30 Bachelor, 13 Master of Science, 20 Professional Master, 1 Integrated Master of Science, 4 Professional and 2 Doctorate study programs.

In the growth and consolidation of the University of Shkodra, as well as in its internationalization, special help have given: Academic and scientific collaborations with foreign universities, Partnerships in joint projects, Participation in international networks the and the signing of agreements of many European and other international projects.

UNISHK Coordinator of the project team

Eranda Bilali

Head of the Department of Teaching at the Faculty of Educational Sciences



Contact person of the project team

Erjola Djepaxhija

Specialist at the International Office at UNISHK