Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

About the organization

Ukrainian Engineering-Pedagogics Academy – is the only higher educational establishment in Ukraine, which specializes in training engineering pedagogical staff for vocational training system: teachers, methodologists, instructors of industrial training of higher qualification for technical schools, colleges and educational establishments of vocational training system. UEPA also trains specialists of engineering profile for different branches of economy.

Scientific directions of activity:

  • innovation scientific research and projects in the field of higher education, vocational education and new technology in industries;
  • research with awarding the Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in the field of vocational education.

Methodological directions of activity:

  • elaboration and implementation of standards and programs of vocational teacher education for the whole Ukraine;
  • setting up new technology and methodological support for training VET teachers.

Educational directions of activity:

  • training VET teachers according to the Junior Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels;
  • advanced training of VET teachers (according to IGIP);
  • postgraduate studies in the field of vocational education.

Ukrainian Engineering-Pedagogics Academy in brief facts:

  • two sites – Kharkiv and Bakhmut;
  • two faculties and two institutes;
  • 16 departments;
  • scientific library;
  • Educational and Scientific Center for practical training in all specialties;
  • research laboratories;
  • more than 14 SMART-classrooms, computer-based audiences with specialized software, Wi-Fi coverage;
  • a sports complex, gyms and sport hall;
  • student dormitories;
  • dining rooms.

Contact person of the project team of UEPA

Olesia Nechuiviter,

Head of the Department of Information Computer Technologies and Mathematics,