MOOC-based micro-credentials for teacher professional development 

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Pillar 1: Micro-Credentials

Micro-credentials are short flexible formal learning courses or programmes allowing for a targeted acquisition of skills and competences. At the same time micro-credentials represent records of achieved learning outcomes assessed against transparent standards.

Pillar 2: MOOCs

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are online courses available for anyone to enroll in. They are designed for a large number of participants applying a specific instructional design technology that allows for time and space flexibility, learner interaction, and self-paced learning.

Project summary

The CRED4TEACH project responds to the needs of higher education institutions and educational decision makers in countries Albania, Montenegro and Ukraine towards providing high-quality, responsive, inclusive, flexible and competence-based training provisions to in-service teachers across the educational sectors.

The project’s solution is to establish the MOOC-based micro-credentials for enhancing the opportunities for teacher professional development in target countries.

CRED4TEACH innovative approach is to combine elements of formal (micro-credentials) and non-formal (MOOC-based pedagogic strategies) education to modernize teacher professional development in Albania, Montenegro, and Ukraine.

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MOOC-based micro-credentials for teacher professional development