Quality Assurance Agency for Pre-university Education


The Quality Assurance Agency for Pre-University Education (ASCAP) was established by DCM No. 98, dated 27.02.2019, “On the Establishment, Strength of the Organization and Functioning of the Quality Assurance Agency for Pre-University Education (ASCAP)”. The ASCAP mission is to guarantee the performance of the pre-university education system and the quality of public and private pre-university education in accordance with a competency-based curriculum approach. The ASCAP is responsible for analyzing, developing, publishing and reviewing documents such as: curricular framework, subject programs and standards, supporting materials for curriculum implementation at national level; organizing the professional development of teachers in national level and the teacher qualification.  The ASCAP assesses, on a risk basis, the activity of the institutions responsible for the provision of pre-university education services and public and private educational institutions of the pre-university education system. ASCAP is member of CIDRE (Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe). ASCAP has carried out different projects in strong cooperation with Council of Europe, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, British Council, Save the Children, Word Vision etc.

Contact person of the project team

Dorina Rapti

Director of the Curriculum and Teacher Qualification Department