University of Montenegro

About the organization

The University of Montenegro was founded in 1974 and is the oldest institution of higher education in Montenegro. It has 19 faculties and three institutes, with an academic community of about 17,000 active students at all levels of study, and more than 1,000 academic, professional and other staff. Since 2004, classes at the University of Montenegro have been organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

The University of Montenegro has a key role and responsibility to create and disseminate knowledge through excellence in education, science and creativity; to promote international cooperation; to create successful and socially responsible academic citizens; and to promote democratic and sustainable development of the society and the state of Montenegro.

The origins Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić derive from several decades long tradition of higher education in Montenegro, with its beginning tightly linked to the foundation of the first school of higher education in the Republic, the School of Pedagogical Studies in Cetinje in 1947, which educated the teaching stuff for elementary schools, and that has operated under the name of Academy of Pedagogy from 1963 in Nikšić.

1977 was transformed into a Teaching faculty and 1988 was renamed the Faculty of Philosophy. Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić is a complex scientific and educational institutions. The faculty organizes undergraduate, and postgraduate master studies. Also at the faculty organize PhD studies.

In faculty there are departments of Philosophy, Sociology, History, Geography, Pedagogy, Psychology, for Teacher education program and Preschool education.

Contact person of the project team

Biljana Maslovaric

Vice dean for Finance and development / Faculty of Philosophy