National Qualifications Agency

About the organization

National Qualifications Agency is a permanent collegiate body that performs the functions defined by the Law of Ukraine «On Education» and other legislative acts in the field of qualifications.

Organization’s structure

NQA is established on a parity basis with 6 representatives from the governmental institutions (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine) and 6 – from the non-governmental sector (Joint Representative Body of Employers of Ukraine, Joint Representative Body of Trade Unions of Ukraine).

The mission and vision of the Agency:

The Mission is to provide favorable conditions for the development of human capital through the interaction of education and the labor market.

The Agency’s vision is the following: the Agency is a leader in the development of the National Qualifications System; it contributes to the provision of the national economy with highly qualified specialists; and it has international recognition of educational and professional qualifications acquired in Ukraine.

Agency’s role.

The Agency is responsible for accreditation of qualification centers, initiates and participates in the development of legal acts in the field of qualifications, provides support for the National Qualifications Framework, including its harmonization with similar international documents, maintains the Qualifications Register, carries out international cooperation for the European integration of the qualifications system, registers occupational standards, provides open access to them and coordinates their development, and carries out various activities to develop the National Qualifications System.

Contact person of the project team of NQA

Natalia Solodka,

Head of the Qualifications Framework Development Division of the Qualifications Department of the Secretariat of National Qualifications Agency,